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100% Deposit Bonus on your first deposit from CryptoAltum

100% Deposit Bonus on your first deposit from CryptoAltum

You can optimize your trading potential with CryptoAltum

100% Deposit bonus on your first deposit

Clients of all types are eligible for the bonus

We made our first deposit into the

MT5 platform for trading

There is a maximum bonus of BTC

The amount transferred was 0.0167, 710 XRP, 0.24 ETH, and 1.25 BCH.

LTC 4.68 has been replaced by UST 800

Only while supplies last

There can be only one bonus credit per account


It should be noted that each household can only receive one credit from the bonus. Whenever multiple accounts are registered, profits are not available for withdrawal, and only net deposits are returned.

Our Promotions Terms and Conditions contains a comprehensive description of the terms and conditions.

Here is a short introduction:

Customers of CryptoAltum may receive the following perks as part of a promotional offer:

A bonus credit (trading credit) is also known as a trading credit.

When CryptoAltum credits your account with the deposit bonus, you will be notified

Your MT5 trading platform will be emailed to you.

If you accept the Deposit Bonus and trade with it, you are accepting the terms of the offer

The following Terms and Conditions apply.

  1. Requirements

2.1 Clients who qualify for a Bonus Credit must meet the following requirements:

Have received an offer from CryptoAltum via phone call or email about a bonus for deposits

(3) Has an active trading account on MT5 after signing up

Bitcoin's CryptoAltum protocol

There is no transfer of Bonus Credits between accounts.

The 100% Bonus Credit can only be received once per household.

2.4 Internal transfers between MT5 accounts do not constitute deposits

There is a Bonus Credit available for you.

  1. Terms used in trading

It will be added to the MT5 Platform's Credit Facility and shall form a credit card claim

Typically used to open and maintain accounts. Part of an account's equity

The position.

Expenses and other costs are subtracted first from income after realizing losses

100% Bonus Credit was awarded to the customer after actual funds were deposited into the account

The size has been reduced.

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