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Bank Negara forex reserves higher at US$109bil

Bank Negara forex reserves higher at US$109bil

Bank Negara Malaysia's (BNM) worldwide stores expanded by US$400mil to US$109bil as at Feb 26,2021 contrasted with US$108.6bil as at Jan 29.

In a proclamation on Friday, Bank Negara said the stores position is adequate to fund 8.6 long periods of held imports and 1.2 occasions absolute transient outside obligation.

The national bank said the primary parts of the worldwide stores were unfamiliar cash holds (US$100.6 billion), Global Financial Asset saves position (US$1.5 billion), Extraordinary Drawing Rights (SDRs) (US$1.2 billion), gold (US$2.4 billion), and other save resources (US$3.3 billion).

The resources contained gold and unfamiliar trade and different stores, including SDRs adding up to RM437.92 billion.

The national bank said capital and liabilities included settled up capital (RM100 million), holds (RM169.99 billion), money available for use (RM139.12 billion), stores by monetary foundations (RM138.79 billion), government stores (RM9.19 billion), different stores (RM14.97 billion).

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