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CedarFX Turns Over a New Leaf for Finance with an Eco-Account Offering

CedarFX Turns Over a New Leaf for Finance with an Eco-Account Offering

Online Broker CedarFX has recently announced the launch of a new Eco Account option, the first of its kind in the world of Forex. Having gained a stellar reputation for offering a 0% Commission Account, the eco-friendly broker is now giving traders a chance to go green with their trades.


Forex Trading is renowned to be a cut-throat industry, with online brokers competing to win over clients in a highly-saturated market. CedarFX’s Eco Account offering breaks away from that stereotype, moving towards a more inclusive space for growth. Naturally, traders are flocking to the established broker, eager to support CedarFX’s environmental mission!


So, what is an Eco Account and how does it differ from CedarFX’s standard 0% Commission Account?

The only difference between CedarFX’s two account types is the commission. While CedarFX has gained popularity through their 0% Commission Account - which gives traders the opportunity to trade without commission on Forex, Crypto and other CFDs - the Eco Account option carries a charge of only $1 per lot traded. CedarFX matches all the commission paid by Eco Account holders and uses those funds to further their environmental mission, in partnership with Ecologi, a U.K.-based social enterprise.


Traders are still welcome to open a 0% Commission Account, and will continue to benefit from the same excellent trading conditions as before. This includes ultra-low spreads, same-day withdrawals, no-cost transactions and leverage of up to 1:500!


Since introducing their Eco Account option, however, traders have been turning towards the unique offering to make a real impact, simply through trading. It’s easy to see why; this year alone has led many people to rethink the way in which they live, consume and interact with their environment. Trading on an Eco Account provides a simple opportunity to give back to the environment without having to make drastic changes to their daily life.


Each month, the eco-friendly broker provides a clear breakdown of how their funds were distributed to plant trees and support climate solution projects across the globe. From producing wind energy in India, to planting trees and preserving prime areas of the Amazon Rainforest, it’s incredible to see the amazing impact that the broker has made since launching the Eco Account.


Could this mark the start of a new wave of sustainable financial service providers? It seems that CedarFX’s success is already inspiring individual traders to make positive changes, so it’s only a matter of time until other institutions follow suit!


Start trading with the world’s first eco-friendly broker. Whether you opt for a 0% Commission Account or an Eco Account, you can be part of the change by trading with CedarFX! Sign up for free and get access to global financial markets through the award-winning MT4 platform at www.cedarfx.com!

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User Comments

Nuhu Adamu 2020 Dec 04, 07:48 am
Fiona Morrison 2020 Dec 05, 07:01 am
This is a great idea, I've signed up to try them out, hopefully I can help to get some tree planted and do my bit.
Craig 2020 Dec 08, 06:50 pm
I have been using CedarFX for a while now i have to say im really happy with the service. I opened the account as i scalp and intraday trade mainly. Their 0% commission was perfect for this.

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