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CoinMarketCap is now paying you to learn about crypto

CoinMarketCap is now paying you to learn about crypto

CoinMarketCap Earn is presenting to $160,000 in BAND tokens for finishing tests and watching educational videos about crypto.

CoinMarketCap has propelled CoinMarketCap Procure, a stage that will pay clients to become familiar with crypto resources. Band Convention, the Sequoia-sponsored cross-chain information prophet, will be the main resource included on the platform.

Boosting crypto resource training is a developing pattern. In June 2019 Coinbase propelled Coinbase Acquire, which paid clients in crypto to take part in instructive substance—and was a major achievement. CoinMarketCap is the most ordinarily utilized crypto information site, so its Acquire stage ought to bring crypto training to millions of additional individuals.

"Given CoinMarketCap is likely the main traffic site in crypto, where all the newcomers go to check costs, it's extremely significant that they lead this activity for clients and that is the reason we chose to go along with them," said Sovaris Srinawakoon, Chief and fellow benefactor of Band Convention.

"Training is critical to quickening the utilization of cryptoassets and we are excited to be a piece of CoinMarketCap's endeavors to assist clients with becoming familiar with their fundamental innovation," he included.

Each new CoinMarketCap Gain battle will keep going for eight days, and a CoinMarketCap account is an essential for taking an interest in Procure crusades.

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