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Forex Demo Arena Trading Contest from LeoPrime

Forex Demo Arena Trading Contest from LeoPrime

Demo Contest Promotion offer: LeoPrime is enchanted to announce to all new Traders who can take an interest in Demo Contest Promotion offer. Leoprime pick the best among our able customers and grant the best 10 sellers with a $2021 prize. Put your forex exchanging abilities to test and win $2021 USD. Forex Demo Contest is just open for customers of LeoPrime.

Prize Pool of LeoPrime Demo Arena Contest: 

1st Place : $500 (Withdraw-able)

2nd Place: $300 (Withdraw-able)

3rd Place: $200 (Withdraw-able)

4th Place : $250 (Tradable)

5th Place: $250 (Tradable)

6th Place: $100 (Tradable)

7th Place: $100 (Tradable)

8th Place: $100 (Tradable)

9th Place: $100 (Tradable)

10h Place: $100 (Tradable)

Web to Link:  Demo Arena Contest

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Promo Duration: Limited-Time.

Appropriate For: All-New clients.

Expansion offer: LeoPrime Demo Arena Contest .

Withdrawal arrangement: Yes (After the completing Terms and Conditions).

Conditions of LeoPrime Demo Arena Contest offer: Common terms and conditions apply.

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