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Forex Market Hours

Forex Market Hours

We know that the Forex market is open all the time (24/hours) a day. Trading providing us an incredible opportunity to trade at any time of the day. But a newbie can’t realize the situation, when to trade or not. At the beginning level, anyone can think about it. But, .there some special times available for trading. Pro traders are always trying to trade on the time.  This is one of the crucial points in trading life. We are going to discuss the right time for trading, and how you can find out it. So why we are waiting for it? Let’s find out about it. Forex No Deposit Bonus

What is the most useful market hours for trading?

We know that there are some special times for trading. If you look for trading there is the best time available in trading when the market is most active and at this time market showed the biggest volume of trades. If a trader can catch this time he/she can make a good profit in a while. On the other hand, while the market moves slowly you will waste your time without profits in trading. If you learned about forex trading obesely you know which the most trading currency in the market is. Everybody knows that New York, London, Tokyo, and Sydney is the most useable time zone for trading.  Most of the traders are trading by following these time zones. Almost 30% of the foreign exchanges are located in these four cities.

Look on the table for major four exchanges market hours:


Opening time

Closing time

New York

08.00 AM

5.00 PM (EST)


07.00 PM

4.00 AM (EST)


05.00 PM

2.00 AM (EST)


00.03 AM

12.00 (EST)


These are the best market-moving time for trading. You have to calculate with your own time zone. If a trader can trade during this time period he/she will be a success more than any others who are trading out of market hours.

So, how can you find your trading hours?

If you want to find your trading hour manually it’s will be hard for you. But there a grate technology available for us. Technology makes our life too easy. Technology brings the forex market to everyone. So, if you use the technology you can find market trading hours easily. Let’s talk about some good tools, who will help you to find the best trading time. Forex No Deposit Bonus This website is helping traders for free. If you go to the website you will see there is a tool available for finding your current zone. It’s a very way to find out trading time zone for newbies. But you can’t find approximate times from here. Click on the Forex Market Hours Monitor v2.11 to download the tool. There is also another tool available from them which is called Forex market hours Monitor v2.12.

When you will open an account with any broker, the broker will give you a trading platform. There will be a default certain time frame for you. And the time frame will depend on the brokers operating country. So, ultimately you will lose if you follow the time frame.

There are a lot of Forex market hour monitors available for free. Any trader can use these tools for monitoring market hours. Let’s take a look at them.

Forex Market Hours Monitor 2.0: This is one of the most famous market hour monitors in the market. This tool will help you to catch the current market trading hours. Many of the pro traders are using this tool. And the most amazing thing is, the tool is totally free for use. To download the tool click on the Forex market hours monitor 2.0 Forex No Deposit Bonus

Live trading session from is a very useful website for investors. This website is helping traders to get profit easily. That’s why they bring this incredible tool for traders. If you want to access this tool just click on the Live Trading Session. You will see the total time zone in a frame. And you can customize your currency time from here. This tool also free for traders. If you want to find out the best market hours monitors from the market, this tool will be in the top 10. You have to download this tool for your desktop to use it. Click on the to download the tool. Convert your trading time as which you want to use. This is one of the most useful trading tools for traders. Many of pro traders are using this tool to convert their favorite times by this tool. To access this incredible converter just click on

These tools are most using by pro forex traders. We are not saying you should use these tools for your trading. There is no guarantee available for trading, any time you can gain/loss. But, if you can use them properly, your gaining provability will increase more than others. If you have advance technological opportunities you shouldn’t unfollow them. Use these advanced tools and gain your profits. Forex No Deposit Bonus

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