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Supper Lottery of $100000 with 2 Supper prizes of $10000

Supper Lottery of $100000 with 2 Supper prizes of $10000

NordFX broker has opened a new promotion which is a Supper Lottery where clients are having the chance of winning 200 prizes which value 100000 USD. In the Lottery, there are 40 prizes of 250 USD, 10 Prizes of 500 USD, 4 Prizes of 1250 USD, and many more prizes are included. If you want to get a prize and win a luxurious lottery then start now by fulfilling their requirements and click on the link below.

Direct Lottery Link: Supper Lottery of 100000 USD by NordFX

Obtainable for: All Traders

The durability of the bonus: Unlimited

How to get the opportunity of winning credits?
* Create a new forex trading account on NordFX
* Boost it up and join the Lotter
* Keep trading and winning prizes

Keep in mind the Terms & conditions of the bonus

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