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Win Up To $1400 To Join Trade In The Contest On WorldForex

Win Up To $1400 To Join Trade In The Contest On WorldForex

Advancement offer: WorldForex offer to every new customer partake in Demo Contest and win up to $1400. Fight through the rounds all through in your demo account, and discharge your exchanging aptitudes as you conflict with individual WorldForex for the top spot. Become Skilled Top Clients and Win Cash Prizes up to $14000 Total Prize $10,000 Pool.

How to join and Benefit of this promotion :

  • Open a contest account with WorldForex.
  • First 50 participants share the fixed prize fund 10 000 USD.
  • New participants shall additionally get +500 points from according to the program Rebate Club.
  • The participants who haven’t got into the prize table shall get 10 USD as a reward for active participation.
  • A prize fund amounts 10 000 USD that is proportionally shared among the prize winners.
  • Get the highest balance and win a prize.


Prize Pool of Top 10 (Total Prize 50) :

1stPrize : $1400 USD

2ndPrize : $900 USD

3rd  Prize : $700 USD

4th  Prize : $600 USD

5thPrize : $550 USD.

6th Prize : $500 USD

7th Prize : $450 USD

8th  Prize : $400 USD

9th   Prize : $350 USD

10thPrize : $300 USD.


Regarding to Link:  Cash War Trade in the Contest

Obtainable for: All new traders.

Bonus Promotion: Cash WarTrade in the Contest

Offer Ending Time: Limited Time.

Withdrawal: Yes, Without any Restrictions.

Who Wins: At the end of the round the contestant with the highest balance, he/she wins the main prize


WorldForex Trade in the Contest Terms and Conditions: General Terms and Conditions apply.

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